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The Team


TYSON COONEY Engineering Manager

Describe your typical day Every day we find solutions to problems. We’re always coming up with design ideas which we validate through theory, analysis and testing. The best ideas are manufactured before being rigorously tested to determine if the build runs according to the original design intent. In the support stage, we contribute to the ongoing operation and improvement of the equipment.

What type of person would thrive in your team?Problem solvers at heart who can mix a strong theoretical base with creativity. Our equipment has to be functional first and foremost but also operator friendly and aesthetically pleasing. As well as expertise in your own field, it’s beneficial to expand your knowledge across other disciplines, such as process engineering, electrical and instrument and control engineering, and project management. Plus, nothing compares to spending time in the field to develop a contextual understanding of ARC’s products.


TRENT HUMPHRYS Workshop Manager

Describe your typical dayI’m at work by 5:30am each day so that the workshop team is ready to go by 6am. I share a close working relationship with our operations manager who keeps me in the loop as to what is happening in the field. Together, we plan what equipment needs work and when and how we intend to complete this. When we are building new equipment, I liaise with our engineering manager to program construction, organise contractors and develop a bill of materials ready for procurement. At the end of the day I do a walk around and ensure the team has what they need to keep rolling the next day.

What type of person would thrive in your team?Motivated self-starters with attention to detail, always looking for an edge to improve. Working independently as well as in a small high preforming team, giving that extra 1% when needed is what we are about. I am lucky enough to work with people like this at ARC and it shows in the strong culture we already have here.


ROD COLLIER Operations Manager

Describe your typical day.We are always busy with plenty of maintenance to do whether it be scheduled or responsive. There is a lot of contact between the rigs and the workshop crew. Similarly we work closely with the warehouse crew who are responsible for providing equipment parts. ARC is continually upgrading and improving our equipment so a big part of my job is also liaising with the engineering department. My job is done in close cooperation with our HSEQ Manager who provides the necessary guidance and coaching to ensure that safety is first and foremost.

What type of person would thrive in your team?Anyone that loves a challenge both physically and mentally and someone that can adapt readily to new environments. Certainly need a team player with a good sense of humour and can take direction well and follow our strict OHS guidelines. Broad experience is an advantage as we work with such diverse equipment.

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