New Name and New Digs

ARC Well Equipment is the new name for Australian Rig Construction which relocated from its Harristown workshop at Christmas.

Two warehouses at Wilsonton covering a total floor area of 4,500m2 now provide a new home for the company which has made a name for itself across Australia for engineering and supplying well equipment that significantly reduces the impact of oil and gas companies on the environment.

ARC Well Equipment Managing Director, Mr Guido Stangherlin said the company had come a long way from its “garage beginnings” six years ago but believed the company had strong growth potential.

“Our vision is to improve well field sustainability and our ultimate goal is to one day have a piece of our equipment on every well site in Australia,” Mr Stangherlin said.

In the Western Downs where gas operations overlap some of Australia’s best farming land, Mr Stangherlin predicted increasing demand for its specialist well equipment and land liner which provides a protective barrier between drilling operations and the ground.

“Our growth suggests gas companies are seeking new and innovative ways to improve their environmental performance in order to promote and secure landholder acceptance,” Mr Stangherlin said.

“Clients like QGC who have partnered with us from day one will tell you our well equipment puts sustainability into action and helps promote co-existence between farmers and gas companies,” he said.

Mr Stangherlin revealed a new tagline “Cleaner. Greener. Leaner” will support ARC’s rebrand, and provide a sense of purpose for the company’s 20-strong workforce.

“Although Australian Rig Construction has become a trusted name in the industry, we have become less about rig construction and more about supplying innovative equipment that improves well site performance and sustainability,”

“So ARC Well Equipment it is. ARC is a nod to our past and well equipment is where our futures lies.”